A trio of hats

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Every month, when I publish my League of Busy B’s offering, I feel a little flutter of excitement and happiness, thinking, oh, this time, I’ve designed my new favorite thing. This month is no exception, EXCEPT for the fact that I’ve designed three of my new favorite things. Three hats, all in the same weight of yarn, with the same gauge, but all miles apart, aesthetically.

First, there’s Simple Dimple. This was the first one I designed, and, honestly, it was an excuse to pair two outrageously bright and gorgeous colors from Knitted Wit. Mine is in Kiss ‘n Teal & Liberally Bleeding Heart.

Simple Dimple

Then came Malvina’s Hat. When I was teaching at Stash this fall, I snagged three skeins of Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter, with the idea that I’d design a simple colorwork hat, using the acid green Sap as the colorwork portion, and two different greys as the base of the hat. I’m in love with how it worked out…

Malvinas Hat

And finally, The Plan. Called thusly because I had the idea, I sketched the idea out, and when I implemented the idea, it was exactly what I wanted. So, I channeled Hannibal from the A-Team, chewing my cigar and muttering “I love it when a plan comes together…” But, seriously, this hat is my fave.

The Plan

Like I said, all three are a part of the League of Busy B’s, so if you have yet to join, this may be what you need to inspire. So far, I’ve released 7 months of League patterns, these three hats being a big ole holiday bonus. If you’d love all three patterns but aren’t ready to commit to the League, no worries: through 12/24, I’m offering all three at a special price of $11.75. Here’s a link to a pre-populated shopping cart on Ravelry, to make your impulse purchase a bit easier…

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