Adventurelands for everyone!

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I am obsessed with the Adventureland Quilt pattern. There are so many reasons for this obsession, but the biggest one is that it hits my favorite crafty buttons:

  • Uses fantastic supplies (read: Jelly Rolls! They are such a fun precut, and are used to such fantastic effect on this quilt);
  • Easy to make (there’s not a lot of fussiness to this pattern, which appeals GREATLY to the fast-crafter in me);
  • I’ve made enough that I don’t have to think about it much (auto-pilot is one of my favorite craft states of being);
  • Comes together quickly (again with the non-fussiness of it);
  • Is gorgeous!

Here is my Adventureland journey so far:

My first Adventureland! Uses an Heirloom Jelly Roll + Starry fabric for triangles + Moonglow backing.
My second Adventureland! Uses a 3.5″ strip set from Sisters Quilt Shop (some math and tweakage needed to happen to figure out the triangles, but I did it – yay!)
My third Adventureland! This one in the Purl Jelly Roll + fabrics and it’s sooooooo good!
My fourth (and maybe fave ever?) Adventureland! Strawberry & Friends Jelly Roll + fabrics. So good, so happy, so cheery! This was before I sewed the binding down, but it’s done now and is perfection!
My fifth Adventureland (still in progress)! This is a Tula Pink Jelly Roll I got in Michigan and started putting together at my sister’s in Ohio. It’s all quilt-sandwiched and ready for quilting, and the binding is cut and pressed and ready to go.

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