Big Waffle Energy

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When Lorajean and I were at the Red Alder Fiber Retreat in Tacoma, Washington earlier this year, we got matching heart waffle tattoos, to celebrate our friendship with each other and mutual love of sweet treats. Inspired by Leslie Knope and her waffle obsession and unflinching friend energy, we talked (and ate) waffles a lot on that trip. We wanted to harness some big loving energy, and turn some existing phrases on their heads. We truly believe that language has power, and, to quote Glennon Doyle, “Intentional speech is such a lovely way to love.”

To that end, you may have heard the phrase “big d*ck energy”, which is a sexist and misogynistic metaphor for swagger or having an aura of confidence, without the cockiness. Well, we want to turn that phrase on its head, and by doing so, harness Big Waffle Energy. What Big Waffle Energy means to us is this: big friendship energy, big uplifting others energy, big loving energy. Sweet and fluffy energy. If you want to embody this Big Waffle Energy alongside us, check out our website, where we have Big Waffle Energy enamel pins and stickers, and you can even get a FUNdle featuring Big Waffle Energy and save 10%!

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