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This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: keep track of and mark the books I’ve read with a quick post. So, you know what they say – no time like the present.  (By the way, I’ve linked to Goodreads because I can’t bring myself to link to Amazon, which, of course, is the first thing that comes up when googling many books. I got all of these books out of my local library by using the Overdrive app on my iPad/phone. It’s one of my favorite apps ever. Even better than the one game I have on my phone, Tampon Run, which my kiddos love to play).

Here we go…

The Heart Goes Last – Margaret Atwood. I have recently fallen deeply in love with Margaret Atwood. Her MaddAddam trilogy was fabulous – I read it earlier this year, and it just keeps popping into my head at random times. When I heard there was a new book coming out (I wasn’t aware of the serialization over on Amazon of the first parts of the book), I immediately put the release date in my planner and put it on hold at the library. It was great! Not mindblowing, and I don’t think it’ll pop into my head at random times, but it was interesting, and disturbing, and quick-moving, and funny at times, and infinitely readable. In short, everything I want my books to be. Thank you, Margaret Atwood, for delivering for me.

The Martian – Andy Weir. This book popped into my radar a few months ago when Stefan told me about the movie. He sketched the premise out for me, and mentioned that it was a book, so I put it on my wish list at the library. It was FANTASTIC. I read it in one day – reading while knitting, reading while washing dishes, reading while ignoring my children. I even stayed up until 11pm reading. WHA…??? The second I finished it, Stefan started, and he, too, read it in a day. Which is unheard of.

Don’t Let Me Go – Catherine Ryan Hyde. I don’t really know what to say about this book – it was sweet, and touching, and I totally teared up while reading it, but it wasn’t very… substantive, I guess is the word I’m looking for. It was a quick (another day or so) read, and it was enjoyable, but it was more like a Lifetime movie than a book I’d recommend to folks.

Beautiful Darkness – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. This is the perfect example of my literary weakness – YA supernatural/dystopian/futuristic series (well, that and zombie trilogies. I’ve probably read 7 or 8 zombie series in the last few years). All of the Hunger Games, the Legend, the Uglies, you name it, and I’ll read it. This is the second one in a series that I’m seeing is pretty much neverending. It’s a wonderful diversion.

The Age of Miracles – Karen Thompson Walker. Another YA-type novel, this deals with a different kind of world-ending-scenario – the rotation of the Earth is slowing down. The narrator of the book attempts to come to terms with both a world that is probably ending and a life that is beginning, and it’s a really lovely book.

California – Edan Lepucki. Whoo-doggy, I loved this book! Another work of dystopian fiction, this concerns a couple who move out of Los Angeles because it’s too dismal to stay. They forge a new life in the woods, and.. well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out, won’t you?

The Magicians – Lev Grossman. This book was that weird blend of “I really enjoyed reading it, but was always thinking about treating myself to something different.” You know the one? The one that you do seriously like, but have no desire to read the subsequent books in the series. Basically, the book is about a teenager who discovers he’s got magical powers and goes to a semi-hidden-from-regular-society school for magicians. Sounds familiar, right? But it’s waaay different and darker and more grown up that that whole series.

Finders Keepers – Stephen King. Oh, man, I have always loved Stephen King. When I was in college, if I was reading one of his books, I would carry it cover-side-down, because I was a bit embarrassed about my literary proclivities. Some of his stuff I will NOT read right before bed (way too scary), but he’s one of the most readable writers out there. Certain tropes of his are getting a bit tired for me, but this is the third book of his I’ve read this year, so they must not be THAT tired, eh?

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost) – Felicia Day. Another quick read, about a really sweet, wonderful, fascinating person. I’m not a gamer, but I do enjoy Felicia Day – until recently, she had a really wonderful recurring role on one of my favorite shows of all time, Supernatural.  She had a kinda strange childhood, and did really amazing things and has been a trailblazer in all kinds of ways, PLUS she’s really dorky in the best possible “we could totally be friends” way.

Whew! November was a BIG month for reading for me – I was on fire. It sure did help that there were quite a few super-fast reads in there, but it was also just kind of my month for reading. Also, reading is one of my sanity-saving-things. Knitting, reading, now sewing…

I might try to back-load the blog with previous month’s reading lists, too.


  1. I don’t know how you get so much reading and knitting and many other things done in one day. I can only do one thing at a time. You are amazing!

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