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Pomona Pants, shorts version.

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I haven’t really been a shorts person in my adult life. Not sure why, but I will say that it’s hard sometimes, when you have a bit more junk in your trunk, to find cute shorts that fit well. I still (and will likely always) have that riding-up-in-the-center situation, but I think that has more to do with my thighs …

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Pomona Pants, wide-legged version. How many is too many?

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I was in a sewing rut a few months ago, and I kept trying to kick-start myself out of it. Of course, it was pandemic-related. Everything is so heavy and hard, and I could not muster the everything I needed to deep-dive into sewing again. But then I got the Pomona Pants pattern by Anna Allen Clothing, and everything just …

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Socks on Vacay/Staycay upate

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Oooooh, this year. OOOOOOOH THIS YEAR. 2020 started out a certain way, and then, WHAM. It’s not the same year it was in January, I can tell you that. Even February, it seemed like it was going to be one way. But here we are in the unique hellscape that is the actual 2020, and there’s not much of an …

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Reading is FUNdamental: June 2020

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My goal is to share the books I’ve read/listened to in any given month, with a short synopsis or my take on them.. We’ll see how long it lasts, heehe. Cheeky King (Royals Undercover, #2): Nana Malone The second book in a fun romance series. Royal Bastard (Royals Undone #1): Nana Malone Basically the 3rd book in the series above… …

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Reading is FUNdamental: first half of 2020

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From this point forward, I’ll try to do monthly lists of books read, and maybe go into further depth about them. For the first half of the year, I’ll mostly list them out, but if something is a stand-out, I’ll shout it out. 25 books total for the first half of the year. My goal, per my Goodreads Reading Challenge, …

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Socks in progress

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Ok, so I decided to share the actual socks I have in actual progress, too, in the hopes that it will inspire (guilt?) me into getting them worked on… My take-away message from this? I need to get more first socks DONE so I am over that hump. I also need to cast on an entire baskets-worth of Parks socks …

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Hazelwood KAL update & Zoom

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I spent a goodly amount of time these last 2 weeks actually working on my Hazelwood sweater, and guess what? IT GOT BIGGER! Strange how that works, isn’t it? This week, we are hosting a Zoom call for Hazelwood sweater KAL-ers, so join us if you can! It’ll be tomorrow, Thursday, July 9th, at 12:30pm PT. The link is here: …

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Some fave recent reads by Black authors

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With the Black Lives Matter movement happening right now, and folks talking about anti-racism books they are reading, I’ve seen lots of discussion about the importance of making sure we are all reading books in all genres by Black folks, too. To that end, I wanted to share some of my favorite fiction books by Black authors, mostly Black women. …

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Socks on Vacay/Staycay 2020 check in

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Well, this summer is sure a different beast than the one we thought we’d be having when we started planning for our Summertime Sock Knitting Extravaganza this year. So much has happened, and the world is such a fundamentally different place than it was this Spring, and everything is different. I for one have not done the amount of sock …

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Payhip, a new way to shop

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With Ravelry continuing to refuse to acknowledge the harm they are causing, and refusing to take any actual steps to ensure its users are safe, long-time Ravelry users are in a difficult position. Add to that a business owner whose main source of pattern sale income is from Ravelry, and it’s a stressful time for indie designers (on top of …

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The New Ravelry

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Hey y’all! Ravelry recently updated their site, and changed pretty much everything. At first, folks were complaining about the aesthetics of it, which I was very against. It’s their site, and their aesthetic style, so if they want it to look like it now looks, as long as it’s safe for folks to be on, that’s totally fine with me …

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the Accountability Post, 2020

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It’s always kind of awkward, sharing information about money and finances. But, accountability is important, particularly when something is as important as this. And, if I’m asking you to support my business with the purchase of my patterns so I can donate money to organizations that are doing good work, I must share that I did, in fact, do that. …