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Socks & Hats on Vacay 2022

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Even though some of us are still contending with very non–summer weather (snow! hail! cold!), we are mere weeks away from our favorite time of the year: Socks & Hats on Vacay time! We have oodles of fun things planned for this summer, but one thing I’m doing differently is I’m not releasing a new pattern collection. Designing has become …

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Payhip, a new way to shop

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With Ravelry continuing to refuse to acknowledge the harm they are causing, and refusing to take any actual steps to ensure its users are safe, long-time Ravelry users are in a difficult position. Add to that a business owner whose main source of pattern sale income is from Ravelry, and it’s a stressful time for indie designers (on top of …

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The New Ravelry

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Hey y’all! Ravelry recently updated their site, and changed pretty much everything. At first, folks were complaining about the aesthetics of it, which I was very against. It’s their site, and their aesthetic style, so if they want it to look like it now looks, as long as it’s safe for folks to be on, that’s totally fine with me …

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the Accountability Post, 2020

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It’s always kind of awkward, sharing information about money and finances. But, accountability is important, particularly when something is as important as this. And, if I’m asking you to support my business with the purchase of my patterns so I can donate money to organizations that are doing good work, I must share that I did, in fact, do that. …

More pants!

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With all of this talking about collaboration, I cannot ignore the obsessive component of my partnership/friendship/collaborative-inspirational-situation with my girl LJ. We both dive into things head-first, and often get super duper obsessed with things. There was the Pyrex-amassment-project of 2014-2015. The can’t-get-enough-pens-planners-and-stationary-supplies-enterprise of 2016-17. 2018 will go down in HerStory as the year of make-up. 2018 is also quickly becoming …

Instagram Links

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Something weird happened with the Linktree, the link page situation I’ve been using, so in the meantime, here are links I’ve talked about on Instagram lately (I’ll be adding to this as I have energy):

Privacy Policy

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My mailing list and pattern sales are provided by third-party services. As a rule, the third-party providers used on this website will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to provide their relevant services. Each has their own privacy policy and you can find this information linked below: Newsletter email list This is …

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On dresses and tattoos

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I’m in my early 40s. I have two small kiddos. My body has never gotten back to where it was pre-kiddos, and that used to really bother me. Not in a “I-need-to-diet-and-exercise-around-the-clock” way, but more in a “I-never-feel-cute-or-comfortable-in-my-clothes” way. And then I discovered (via my bud Lorajean from Knitted Wit and our first glorious sewing day) the Dress No. 1 …

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Book it: December 2015

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Nine books this month, although many were quite short. They ran the gamut from young adult to end-of-the-world to connection to business. A great way to end my year of reading, and it brought me to a grand total of 66 books for the year! My goal for 2016 is 60 books, and I’m planning on reading my way through …