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Puget Sound Shawl

In Fingering weight yarn, Patterns, Scarves, Shawls & Shawlettes, Shop sample available by Shannon

This is a shawl with almost endless creative possibilities. Make the small version for a quick one-skein-of-special-fingering-weight-yarn kind of project, and have a saucy kerchief that keeps you looking stylish while warming your neck. Grab a second skein for a luxurious wrap, OR create a gorgeous fade. Follow the original instructions for a piece that features increases AND decreases. Or, …

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Forty Winks Scarf

In Crochet, One skein projects, Patterns, Scarves, Shop sample available, Super bulky weight yarn by Shannon

This adorable scarf came together while my lovely little ladies were taking their afternoon naps one weekend. It’s the perfect project for when you have a limited amount of time to yourself. Plus, there’s just something about crocheting granny squares on such a mammoth scale. Not only are they quick and easy to make, they just look so darned awesome, …

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In Aran weight yarn, Good for gradients, Patterns, Scarves, Shop sample available, Sport weight yarn, Worsted weight yarn by Shannon

Waaay back when, before I was born, my folks had a hippie-dippie shop in the town I grew up in called Radiation. They sold bell-bottoms, waterbeds, and other counter-culture goods. The basement of the house I grew up in was the perfect suburban basement, with old couches, a TV, a pool table, and, taking up one whole wall, the wooden, …