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Puget Sound Shawl

In Fingering weight yarn, Patterns, Scarves, Shawls & Shawlettes, Shop sample available by Shannon

This is a shawl with almost endless creative possibilities. Make the small version for a quick one-skein-of-special-fingering-weight-yarn kind of project, and have a saucy kerchief that keeps you looking stylish while warming your neck. Grab a second skein for a luxurious wrap, OR create a gorgeous fade. Follow the original instructions for a piece that features increases AND decreases. Or, …

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In Aran weight yarn, Good for gradients, Patterns, Scarves, Shop sample available, Sport weight yarn, Worsted weight yarn by Shannon

Waaay back when, before I was born, my folks had a hippie-dippie shop in the town I grew up in called Radiation. They sold bell-bottoms, waterbeds, and other counter-culture goods. The basement of the house I grew up in was the perfect suburban basement, with old couches, a TV, a pool table, and, taking up one whole wall, the wooden, …