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Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, life has changed for me. I am no longer content to just be in the way I was content to be before. So many rights have been trampled, so much of what used to be a given in American society has been ripped away, and I, for one, am left feeling very strongly like, WHAT IN THE F*CK CAN I DO???

So, I’ve been donating to causes that speak to me, writing letters and postcards and emails. Designing with the specific focus of raising funds for progressive causes. Doing short-term fund-raising through my pattern sales. Talking to people about stuff and things. And I still feel like I want to do more.

So, when my friend Marie from Olive Knits emailed a group of crafty women, all of whom I adore and admire, asking if we’d like to be a part of a collection she wanted to put together to make a difference in the world, I practically screamed YES! She assembled an amazing team of makers, and we all started talking and figuring and collaborating, and we all got to work. Brooke from Sincere Sheep sent me two stunning skeins of Cormo Sport, and I started playing with texture and shape. Thinking that I wanted my patternly contribution to be a shawl that one could work on while plotting the resistance, and wear to town halls, to marches, to ones computer while drafting emails and letters and faxes.

The Self-Care Shawl is the result, because knitting this baby is really giving yourself a dose of self-care. The patterning is meditative and intuitive. Playing with naturally-dyed color is just the most fun. And the crescent shape is super wearable, either draped around ones shoulders or scrunched up for maximum comfort and toastiness.

We’re selling the collection on Marie’s website, and all of the proceeds are being split between the Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Women’s Law Center. After the awful events in Charlottesville, we all decided that these were the two organizations we wanted proceeds going toward. Working to combat hate and racism. Working against white supremacy. Standing up and fighting for those whose rights are being trampled on. Both of these organizations are worthy ones to support all of the time, but especially now.

The collection is $15, and includes five patterns by myself and four of the most talented ladies out there designing; two essays that will have you smiling and nodding in recognition, and some really delicious-sounding recipes. Marie is totally and completely amazeballs, and I feel so fortunate to count her as a friend and colleague.

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