Color play

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I headed up to BlueMoonLand today and Tina and I played with color. We put together the Mystery KAL pairings we brainstormed last week, in the actual Yaksi, and fell in love even more with what we had chosen. We also chose moremoremore color pairings, and even put a few threesomes together. Seriously, how lucky am I? Tina did a run-down of our color play at her home-on-the-web, too.

We made a color wheel. Wheeee!!!

We admired yarn on the kitchen table. See all that green there? We can’t help ourselves.

We admired yarn some more on the kitchen table. I may or may not have squee’d once or twice while playing with these skeins.

Here are some pairings that I’m going to be dreaming about tonight…

Neptune + Vine Ripened Red

Smoke on the Water + Wasaabi

Smoke on the Water + Pond Scum

Vancouver Violet + Ochroid (my personal fave from today)

Tina scaled great heights to get the shot. See that smile? I think she got it.

So exciting! Two weeks from today, the Mystery KAL begins! We’re talking color choices and more over at the Ravelry group, so please join us!


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