Farmer’s Market KAL

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Lorajean and I were texting a few weeks ago (as we do), and she was talking about getting some of my older patterns knit up in some of her newer and upcoming colorways. Yes, please! I said, and then she proposed the idea of doing a KAL with my Farmer’s Market Shawl. Oh, wow, what a great idea!

She put twelve absolutely amazeballs kits together, and I am having a hell of a time figuring out which one I’ll do. Right now, I’m thinking either #11 or #4 or #1 or #7. Or any of the other ones, because they’re all pretty stinking awesome…





I released Farmer’s Market as an MKAL a few years ago, and it was so much fun to see them come together. It’s a really fun knit, broken down into four distinct parts, for those who want a month-long KAL. It’s also easy to stretch it out a bit and take a bit longer.

LJ and I also think that, just maybe, working on this KAL will usher in a real, actual spring for our knitters. Hey, it could happen, amirite, Wisconsin? I’m sure you northern midwesterners will do pretty much anything to potentially see the rear end of winter.

Farmer’s Market is a three color crescent shaped shawl, starting at the top. There are two sizes provided, both of which are generously sized.

From the pattern:

It’s Summertime, and the knitting is easy. Or at least not mind-blowingly difficult. This mystery along in four clues is designed to delight. Much of it is as straightforward as pie, with a few pieces of fancy needlework thrown in to delight your needles and maybe even expand your skill set.


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