Hallway Antics

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We have the best hallway in the world. Seriously. When we first walked through the house, on our very first visit, when it smelled like mold and cigarette smoke, when the shag carpeting was thick and nasty, when we were thinking, oh, no, this isn’t it, we turned that corner to the hallway, and gasped. All three of us. Kim (realtor extraordinaire), Stefan and I. It was so looong. Surprisingly long. Startlingly long. And now that the smell is all ours and the carpeting is gone, it’s even better.


Not only is it super long, it’s well-lit as well (big windows + sliding door = tons of natural light).


We painted it white, and installed bamboo floors.


During the long, wet, non-Summer months, the girls ride their little cars down the length of the hall for hours (to be honest, many adults have ridden those little cars down the hallway, too).


And sometimes, daddy just throws his littlest little all around, and makes her the happiest little there ever was.


I mean, look at that happy face.



  1. I would have to agree it is a wonderful hallway and I have enjoyed watching the girls make use of it.

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