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The amazing and amazingly ambitious Kimberly Golynskiy came over this past weekend and interviewed me for this amazing project she’s working on. Enough amazings for you, folks? Her project is entitled Around the World in 80 Skeins, and it’s remarkable. She’s traveling the world (she did a blog tour last year, visiting some really interesting places, and this year, she’s doing it in real life!) She’s starting in the Pacific Northwest, and I was fortunate enough to be one of her interviewees. Here’s a link to the interview, and some photos of my space. I was her first video interview, and as anyone who has ever had to listen to their own voice exclaims, my first thought was: “Is that my real voice?!?!? I’m never speaking again!” Anyone who knows me knows that is not only untrue, but absolutely impossible.

I’m going to let go of any ego I have here and say that those who know me in real life know that this video is kind of a summation of me – lots of words, lots of giggling, and a bit of awkwardness thrown in for good measure.

I hope you take some time to explore Kimberly’s website. She’s onto something here, for sure. She’s meeting with Tina from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Lee Meredith of Leethal designs, and then heading up to Seattle for more! I’m super honored to be among these knitterati, and I’m super excited to see what Kimberly does next.


  1. Loved the interview and enjoyed seeing your creative space. I have two wee ones too and I would have to send them to boarding school to have my crafting area clean! Bravo to you!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Kelly! It was a fun interview, although seeing myself on video is cringe-inducing sometimes 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed the interview. Love the pictures of your home. You are so creative and interesting!

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