Irregular Jupiterian moons

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When I got the yarn for my Knit Crate patterns, I knew I wanted them to be cousins, of a sort. My immediate thought was: asymmetric triangles with different stitches. Fraternal twins. Sisters from a different mister. Brothers from another mother. You know what I’m trying to say…


I swatched and played and ripped and frogged. Thyone was proving to be a bit difficult to come together, but when I started making Euanthe, it just clicked. Even though I started Thyone first, Euanthe was finished and blocked before Euanthe was even halfway done. And, once Euanthe was done, Thyone was easier. Twins helping each other, right?


The whole time I was working on these patterns, there was the celestial build-up to the eclipse. Our family had already been planning on driving the 30 miles to experience totality. I had space on the brain. I started googling and fell into the rabbit hole of reading up on the solar system. Jupiter, in particular, took hold of my brain, and I spent a good long while researching moons. When I saw that there was a moon system called Ananke (also the name of my first ever published pattern), I knew where I needed to look. There are so many good moon names, people, but I think I picked the best.

Remember, if you follow this link and use the coupon code BUSYB20 at check-out, you get 20% off! That’s for either the Indie Crate, which my patterns are showcased in, OR a subscription to one of the other crates. And, because my irregular moons are worsted-weight shawls, the knitting, it’s pretty quick.

If you’d just like to snag the patterns, they are for sale on their own on Ravelry as well. Just click the links on either Thyone or Euanthe, and get your needles and yarn all ready.


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