Knit it: A Stockinette Hug

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This pattern, called A Stockinette Hug, came about during a 12-hour hang-out and planning session JJ and I had in readiness for the class we taught at Wool n Wares a few weeks ago. We met at 9:30am, and JJ walked out the door at 10pm. What a day!


We did talk about the class. And life. And knitting. And everything. We had a blast, and during that time, we decided that our class would be elevated by offering a simple pattern that folks could easily customize. I grabbed two skeins of lovely Knitted Wit Worsted from my (not-inconsiderable) stash, and started knitting.


I knitted through breakfast, through lunch, through donuts and ramen and leftover pizza. I knitted through the kids going outside, through them playing in the family room, through them fighting and giggling and playing quietly. I knitted through development of our class handout, through talking about fiber, through discussing our favorite pens and planners. I knitted at the dining room table, on the couch, in the backyard. And, a day and a half after I started knitting, I was done. And I was in love.


This yarn is da bomb. Soft, shiny, bouncy, strong. The colors are deep and lovely. (I used Primarily Speaking Green & Sheepish in Seattle). This shawl is simple and wearable and fun and fast. It’s a great knit. It would be a great gift, perfect for the holiday knitting you know you should be starting. And, best of all, it’s a free pattern download on Ravelry.


What are you waiting for? Get thee over to Ravelry, download A Stockinette Hug, and get some Knitted Wit Worsted (or stash-dive and use any worsted-weight yarn). Make sure you share your project on Ravelry, because I’d love to see how others play with color to create their own Stockinette Hugs.


  1. The houseguest who just won’t leave…but I sure had a blast hanging with you and the girls!!!

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