Knit it: Bon Bon Kerchief update

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A few years ago, I was looking for an excuse to use a 50-gram skein of a particularly lovely new yarn from Knitted Wit. I wanted something small, and fast, and relatively easy to execute.

Bon Bon Kerchief

Thus was born the Bon Bon Kerchief, a tasty little confectionary, just perfect for 200ish yards of your most special fingering-weight yarn.

Bon Bon Kerchief

With an optional keyhole, you can tuck the end through, or loosely tie your kerchief around your neck. It’s a jaunty little thing. Quick to knit, it’s a very wearable piece.

Bon Bon Kerchief

The sizing is also super easy to tweak, so if you’d rather use a full skein of a special sock yarn, you can easily maximize any yarn you want.

This is an update of the Bon Bon Kerchief pattern – the photos are new (as is my lovely dress!), and some of the language has been slightly updated. The pattern aesthetics are new, as well.

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