Knit it: The Ball Cap

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The Ball Cap is now available on Ravelry!


When a friend gives a very funny and very strong hint that his head is in need of warmth, what can a knitter do? Particularly if that friend is going through a rough spot, health-wise.


Also particularly if you just so happen to have the most sproingy, springy, lovely worsted-weight yarn enticing you.


So you make one. And then you make another. And another. And another.


And you find yourself quite enchanted with and addicted to hat knitting, when you never were much of a hat knitter to begin with.


This is the start of something, methinks.


Also, how can you resist photographing these hats in the most lovely of winter settings, my parent’s place in Montana? My husband and kids make a great little photo-family with my sister, don’t you think?


Even when he’s picking on her like the annoying brother he is to her.



  1. Love the hats and all the models too as well as the knitter. Wonderful setting for a very nice hat pattern.

  2. Love the models, location, and the hats! We sure had a fun for all in Montana. I also love the designer/photographer……….LOVE!!!!!!

  3. What a great day and such a comfy and styley hat! Love love love. And he is the most annoying brother. Serious.

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