Knit it: Vintage Pyrex Socks

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Are you obsessed with Pyrex? I am. There are a few reasons, the first of which being that it’s really lovely, amazing stuff. The second reason is, quite simply, my J girls – LJ from Knitted Wit and JJ from The Traveling Ewe. They are fun, funky and totally addicted to Pyrex, which re-stoked a slumbering obsession of my own.


When LJ texted us with a link to some rad Pyrex-ish fabric, and suggested kits, asking if I’d design a sock pattern to go with it, I was ecstatic. Not only would I be able to pay homage to the lovely Pyrex of yesteryear, but I’d also be able to work with the amazing Victory Sock, which has helped fuel my re-addiction to sock knitting. Plus, I decided to design a more traditional cuff-down sock, with heel flap, which I hadn’t done before. All in all, a fun challenge, and I love the finished socks.


Thus were born the Vintage Pyrex Socks, with wee Pyrex bowls stacked on top of each other. You can snag the pattern on Ravelry, or get it as a part of Pyrex Mania kit being offered by the amazingly talented and Pyrex-obsessed Knitted Wit. The Pyrex Mania kit includes a download code for the Vintage Pyrex Socks pattern, yarn AND project bag with stitch markers and sticker made by the uber-talented A Needle Runs Through It. There are two yarn options: Butterprint and Pink Gooseberry. Two of the most popular Vintage Pyrex patterns.


True confession: I don’t own any of the Turquoise Butterprint, but covet it hard-core, and now I have the complementary socks.


  1. Beautiful socks… the color, pattern and the whole vintage Pyrex idea…and of course the designer.

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