Let me tell you a story…

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There once was a knitwear designer (spoiler alert: it’s ME!!!) who loved a colorway very much. She hoarded the colorway, and made more than one pair of socks in it.

My first socks in Storyteller

My second pair of socks in Storyteller

She started a shawl in it, a re-working of an older pattern, but wasn’t feeling it, because this colorway was the most special colorway she had met in a very long time, and she really wanted to give it something new. So, one day, she frogged what she had on the needles in this magical colorway, and started knitting. It was glorious, and she just so happened to have a perfect pink to complement this oh, so perfect colorway in her not-insubstantial stash. Before she knew it, she had a new shawl, and it was simple, and fun, and just her favorite shawl shape ever (not too deep, with long, wrappable arms).

A shawl not meant to be in Storyteller

The colorway? Story Teller from Knitted Wit. The pattern? Also called Storyteller. Because perfection.

Storyteller really is the perfect project for this time of year. It’s fast, because it’s in worsted-weight yarn. It’s fun, because of the texture and the shape. It’s a great excuse to play with color, because who doesn’t like to do that?


And, from now through October 31st, you can get your hands on it for 15% off by using the coupon code tellme. Or, just click this link, and your cart will magically be filled and the code magically applied.


I can’t wait to see the stories you tell with your own Storyteller shawls. Stories of colors loved, of loved ones hugged, or of Netflix binged while sipping tea, snuggled under a blanket on your couch. Please share your own version of Storyteller with me by tagging me on any social media posts, because I love stories!

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