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About a month ago, I shared my way-to-make coconut milk, which I continue to make a few times a week. It’s just so stinking easy (and super-delish). Especially when compared to making almond milk, which takes actual foresight (you have to plan to do it a few days in advance, because you need to soak the almonds before you can blend them).


Anyway, coconut milk has become one of my very favorite things to make, because not only is it a no-brainer (seriously, I barely pay attention as I’m doing it, which is uber-helpful for this daydreamer), it’s put into daily use. I love it in my iced coffees, and I can’t have my morning smoothie without it.


Want to make one like me? You won’t be sorry – it’s so tasty! First things first – gather your ingredients. Spinach, frozen blueberries, a banana, fresh ginger, coconut milk, and flaxseed. You could really make your smoothie with anything, and we do – I generally make one for Stefan with different fruits and no ginger and almond milk, but this has become my morning crack.


I dump about 2 cups packed spinach into the blender. Add about an inch of peeled and sliced ginger root, depending on your ginger-love-levels…


And a cup or so of frozen blueberries. We bought flats and flats of blueberries and froze them, and have plans to do many more flats next year.


Add 2T of ground flaxseed (sometimes I add some shredded coconut, or chia seeds, or a handful of almonds).


And coconut milk enough to hit at least the 8-ounce mark. Generally, I add enough to reach between 8-16 ounces on my blender pitcher.


Make sure you get some of that lovely coconut oil that hardens on top if you’ve made your own coconut milk. It adds so much to the smoothie!


Blend, blend, blend it up.


And enjoy! My smoothies are generally between 24-32 ounces, and they carry me through some days until lunch (sometimes I’ll have a little snack mid-morning, but some days, this is all I need). It’s a great way to get lots of fruit and veggies, and it tastes oh, so good.


Just ask this little savage. She helped me with my smoothie (after telling me she didn’t want one this morning).


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