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Piggybacking on my post from the other day, and revealing a bit more of my inherent dorkiness, I’m going to tell you a little story, but first, some background…

When I first started knitting, I fell fast and I fell hard. It just spoke to me, in a way my previous crafty obsessions never really had.

The only problem was, I couldn’t read while I did it.

So, I worked and I worked and I worked at getting to a point where I didn’t have to look at my knitting, particularly when working on something simple, like stockinette or garter.


And I am pleased as punch to share with you the fact that I can now, fairly easily, knit and read at the same time. It’s really one of my favorite things.


My iPad makes it a lot easier – I just set it up on its stand, and get to work. I spend a lot of time in my office reading and knitting.


Now, story time. A few weeks ago, I had a deadline that was stressing me out a bit, so I got the girls all set for a day of filthy back yard play time (I swear, no one can get as dirty as my girls can, in as short a period of time. Two minutes outside, and they are covered in dirt and mud), loaded a new book from the library on my iPad (Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller – it was great!), poured a huge glass of ice water, and sat outside, knitting and reading and occasionally stopping the girls from fighting too much (best frenemies).

dirty astrid

I got my knitting project AND my book done, and felt just a teensy bit like a superhero.


A lame-ish superhero, to be sure, but a superhero nonetheless.



  1. You are a rock star!! I can knit without looking, but reading and knitting is just too much mind power.

    1. Author

      Just remember, Kelly – simple knitting + simple reading = superknitstardom!!! 🙂

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