Mystery KAL Third Clue

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I can’t believe we are getting ready to start the THIRD WEEK of the Farmer’s Market Mystery KAL! All of the shawls I’ve seen so far have been fantastic – the color sets Tina put together; the color sets folks have stash-dived for; and the color sets folks have created on their own. There are going to be some seriously lovely shoulders walking around Farmer’s Markets this Summer and Fall, let me tell you.

This Third Clue is fairly straightforward, but I made a few pretty basic videos to show you how to pick up the stitches at the very beginning of the clue. You see, at the end of the Second Clue, you basically have a wee little shawlette, because you end up with no live stitches. As someone in the forum stated, it’s great to see the shawlette as it will be when you’re halfway through the knitting.

Please do note that these videos both cover basically the same thing – I had feedback from my testers that both had their merits, so I thought I’d share both with you. I hope you find these helpful, and thanks so much for playing along!

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