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Well, we are more than 3/4 of the way through the year, and I finally hit one of my beginning-of-year sewing goals: PANTS! On Tuesday, Lorajean and I made some Pants No. 1, in matching-ish fabric, because of course we did.

No one who knows either of us, or has seen my forays into sock-obsession will be surprised to know that we are both totally and completely consumed by the need to make all of the everythings now, so get ready to be spammed by more sewing… In the meantime, here are some goofy-ass photos of NEW PANTS!


  1. Shannon this is Christine. What is the name of the site you get your patterns from. Especially the top. In FL HAVING A Blast WITH my sisters and one of them really likes your uniform top

    1. Author

      Hey Christine! So glad you’re having a stellar ladies week with your sisters! My uniform clothes are all from 100 Acts of Sewing – I’ve made the Dress No. 1, Shirt No. 1, Pants No. 1, and Dress No. 3. <3

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