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Payhip, a new way to shop

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With Ravelry continuing to refuse to acknowledge the harm they are causing, and refusing to take any actual steps to ensure its users are safe, long-time Ravelry users are in a difficult position. Add to that a business owner whose main source of pattern sale income is from Ravelry, and it’s a stressful time for indie designers (on top of the already stressful time caused by the fricking PANDEMIC).

So what’s a small business owner like myself to do, when the site that houses much of their business decides, not only to implement an update that’s dangerous and causing pain, but to actively refuse to address the issues in any kind of a real and helpful way? (Because, make no mistake, the folks at Ravelry have NOT been the allies to the neurologically diverse community that this is affecting the way we all kind of thought they would be). I’m working on that whole diversification-of-revenue thing. Here’s how:

1.  Updating my own website, so it serves as ground zero for my work. That means that I will link to my site instead of Ravelry when I am promoting a pattern. Check out the pattern page for Euanthe below, and maybe click around a bit on my site. I’m going to start blogging more. too. Promise.

2. Add new ways to purchase patterns. I’ve been uploading my patterns to a site called Payhip (more info below), and I’m really digging it so far. It’s easy to use and fairly simple to navigate. 

3. Figure out alternative places to hang out. This year, LJ and I decided to work on our ShannaJean community on Ravelry, and when the pandemic hit, we redoubled our efforts there, running KALs and chats in our group. Due to the Rav issues, however, we are focusing efforts on finding a new place to hang out, and we hope to have links to share with you by next week.

Check out my patterns here on my website, and then head over to Payhip to see how that’s structured. Use coupon code SODISTANT50 for 50% off your Payhip purchases through 7/12. And get to making, because it’s the thing that’s going to help us all get through this.

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