Pomona Pants, shorts version.

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I haven’t really been a shorts person in my adult life. Not sure why, but I will say that it’s hard sometimes, when you have a bit more junk in your trunk, to find cute shorts that fit well. I still (and will likely always) have that riding-up-in-the-center situation, but I think that has more to do with my thighs wanting to spend time together than anything else. BUT! I have made oodles of shorts with the Pomona pattern, and I am digging the whole thing with two shovels. It’s a great use for rad quilting cotton, which I have a decent little stash of. So, without further ado, here are my so-far-completed Pomona Shorts:

Hoping the desire to sew hits me this weekend! If so, I’ll share more pieces with you next week. I have a bazillion things I want to make, but I’m the kind of person who loves to keep making one thing over and over, so we’ll see what direction I go on this…

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