Pomona Pants, wide-legged version. How many is too many?

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I was in a sewing rut a few months ago, and I kept trying to kick-start myself out of it. Of course, it was pandemic-related. Everything is so heavy and hard, and I could not muster the everything I needed to deep-dive into sewing again. But then I got the Pomona Pants pattern by Anna Allen Clothing, and everything just fell into place for me. Seriously, I have made 5 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of shorts for me, and 1 pair of shorts for Lorajean. And I have 2 more pairs of shorts cut out, and fabric for many more pairs of pants. Can you say obsession? 😉

I have one other pair that I need to tweak a bit before photographing (the fabric is heavy, so I want to take the rise up a bit before I wear them obsessively).

I have some other fabric cuts to make these pants in, including some quilting cotton and more Essex. I also want to try the narrower-legged version, so you might see some of that action soon!

I am in a bit of another sewing slump right now; it’s too hot to do much, and I want to want to sew more than I actually want to sew right now. Hoping that passes, and I might even push myself through sewing a few things (I have 2 pairs of shorts and a dress cut out, soooooo…)

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