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Sometimes, you just need to pom it up.

pompomville- - 1-1500px

There’s something so satisfying about creating a big, beautiful pompom (pompon?).

pompomville- - 2-1500px

I’m addicted to adding them to all of my recently-completed hats.

pompomville- - 4-1500px

These pompom makers seriously make it so easy.

pompomville- - 5-1500px

pompomville- - 7-1500px

Lovely, bright, colorful balls of squish.

pompomville- - 8-1500px

Unleashing the pommy beast.

pompomville- - 9-1500px

A pompom in action.

pompomville- - 11-1500px

And one at rest.

pompomville- - 12-1500px

Where are you on the pompom continuum? Love them? Hate them?

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