Punch Bowl Shawl makes me happy

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There is this feeling I get when pieces of a pattern/project click together in the most delightful way. It doesn’t happen all of the time, which means when it does, I feel like whistling my merry way through every stitch. That exact feeling happened with this pattern, the first League of Busy B’s Year Two pattern, the Punch Bowl Shawl.

I got the yarn while on the Traveling Ewe‘s Sheepish in Seattle: the Sheepquel this April, at Serial Knitters in Seattle, which is a shop that I never leave empty-handed from. They had a display of Cedar House Yarns and I fell instantly in love/need. You know that love/need feeling, right? I’m not the only one?

I decided on two summery colors: Cervidae and Rhododendron, and started swatching and knitting and figuring. As I worked my way through the pattern, it seemed that everything just kind of worked out just the way it needed to in order to create the exact feeling I wanted from the yarn. I found myself falling more in love with the project with almost every stitch. I finished it while on the most amazing road trip with my favorite three people, and blocked it in a hotel room. We shot the photos on a scenic drive in the gorgeous state of Michigan. Everything about this shawl makes me happy, and I hope it does the same for you. Meet the Punch Bowl Shawl.

The Punch Bowl Shawl is a top-down crescent-shaped shawl in two glorious colors. It basically consists of alternating two patterns, both of which are addictively fun, and neither of which will cause you to lock yourself in a room to figure out. It’s the kind of pattern you can easily work on while binge-watching Netflix or refereeing your kiddos while on a cross-country road trip. Ask me how I know.

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