Quick Knits: thick-yarn shawlettes

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The terms “shawlette” and “thick yarn” may not seem to go hand-in-hand, but I find them to be very complementary items, and they make for a quick and satisfying project. I dig the two together so much that I’ve designed quite a few.

Cascade Range is chock-full of many things I enjoy, knit-wise. Large-ish gauge. Check. Multiple colors. Check. Asymmetry. Check.


The Zed Shawlette is simple, elegant, and works with self-striping, solids, or variegateds. It knits up in a few evenings and warms you up any time.


Sounds silly to say, but I’m just going to do it – the Peregrine Shawlette soars off the needles. I’ll let you take a moment to recover from the hilarity of that statement.


The Jazz Age Shawlette, a part of the Jazz Age Collection, is a quick and fun knit, combining the rustic look of garter stitch with a chunky cable.


And, finally, there’s the chunkiest shawlette in the land, Tea & Picots. Grab your size 17 needles for this one, and be prepared to be amazed at how quickly a shawlette can be made.



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