Reading is FUNdamental: June 2020

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My goal is to share the books I’ve read/listened to in any given month, with a short synopsis or my take on them.. We’ll see how long it lasts, heehe.

Cheeky King (Royals Undercover, #2): Nana Malone

The second book in a fun romance series.

Royal Bastard (Royals Undone #1): Nana Malone

Basically the 3rd book in the series above… Digging it.

Braiding Sweetgrass: Robin Wall Kimmerer

I listened to this one, and it was a transcendently lovely book. Almost spiritual. Gorgeous. The book is a series of essays written by Kimmerer where she marries her Native American background with botany, and it makes you want to become one with the earth. For real, please read or listen to this one.

I’m Still Here. Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness: Austin Channing Brown

A powerful treatise on living as a Black woman in modern America. Love this woman so much!

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