Sheepish in Seattle trip: Norah’s Hat & Cowl pattern

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You know a trip is excellent when you hear a distinct ‘THUD’ when transitioning back to your regularly-scheduled life. That’s how I feel today, as I get used to life on Earth after joining my buddy JJ Foster, Cruise Director Extraordinaire, of The Traveling Ewe, on her inaugural overnight trip, Sheepish in Seattle.


JJ asked me if I’d design a project for the lovely knitters on this trip, and I jumped at the chance. Each knitter on the trip received a fabulous Traveling Ewe bag, a skein of Knitted Wit Worsted in the colorway Sheepish in Seattle, and this pattern – Norah’s Hat & Cowl.


My very favorite kind of knitting is the kind you can do while laughing with friends, or watching something fun on TV, so with that in mind, and a skein of Knitted Wit Worsted in hand, I set out to design something that would be doable on a bus with 45 other knitters.


My first one was a one-skein cowl with a bit of textural and stitch-pattern-y interest, but not so much that you couldn’t pay attention to other things. Then, I decided that a two-skein cowl, designed to be perfectly big and slouchy, with the ability to be pulled over ones head to keep even more of the chill away, was a necessity.


When I finished the cowls, it just kind of made sense to design a hat to go with them, so I grabbed another skein of Lorajean’s fabulous wool and got to work.


I’m so in love with these patterns – they are enjoyable to make, easy to wear, and remind me of such an amazing time with friends new and old. What could be better than that?


If you’re interested in the pattern, head over to Ravelry. Both patterns come in one pdf, and both Ravelry pages lead to the same pdf download.

If you’re interested in joining JJ on a future trip, head over to The Traveling Ewe’s website. Make sure to sign up for her newsletter, because she’s got some really exciting things in the hopper.

If you’re interested in some of this gorgeous yarn, head over to Knitted Wit’s website and snag some! The dark blue-grey version is the one in the specially-dyed-for-the-trip Sheepish in Seattle colorway, and it’s an amazing color.


I’ll put another post up in the next week or so talking about the trip itself, and share the stash-enhancement I did. The shops were absolutely amazing, and the whole trip was so much fun and inspiring. I can’t wait for the next one!


  1. i also love Shannon’s pattern, the skein of yarn from Knitted Wit, and The Traveling Ewe’s Sheepish in Seattle trip. What a great time we had together! I’m ready to sign up for more trips and watching for Shannon’s new creations!

  2. I had a wonderful time on my first, and definitely NOT last, Traveling Ewe trip. The yarn, pattern and tote were awesome perks. I LOVE how my cowl is knitting up. The combination of the pattern, texture and color of the yarn reminds me of a yummy, lazy Saturday. It was awesome to be in the company of so many lovely, lovely ladies!! Thanks for the memories!!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I really enjoyed my traveling ewe trip last summer and I hope I can take one again.

  4. Everything about the Sheepish in Seattle trip was awesome….very thoughtfully done!!!

  5. Just gorgeous — both the patterns and the yarns. The trip sounds just wonderful. I hear nothing but rave reviews about Traveling Ewe trips. I’m going on one this year for sure!

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