Shiny new possibilities

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Is there anything more pleasing than the possibility of something new? Casting on a new project, opening a new book… I hear there are YouTube channels devoted to people opening CD cases, so I guess I’m not alone in this excitement. Maybe the only thing better than starting something new is finishing something. In that case, I’ve had a really exciting couple of days.


It all started when I had a bit of time to myself this weekend and finished a shawlette in Knitted Wit‘s gorgeous Cotton Candy. It’s a big gorgeous piece with picots and mesh and it’s so fluffy and comfy and fantastic, I’m finding myself almost hoping for cooler weather.


I immediately wound up the next yarn on my to-design list, Blue Moon‘s Sookie, which is the sister-friend to Cotton Candy. My US17s were doing quite a happy dance, let me tell you. This is the most action these puppies have had in a long, long time.


Before my hands would even let me take up those big needles again, they begged me for a reset project, so I grabbed some US4s and a skein of Socks that Rock and made this sweet little baby sweater. Maybe too small for any of the babies I know (it’s eensy), but it’s so sweet, I couldn’t help myself. Teensy sweater + short sleeves + happy hands = quick project.


Now, on to Sookie and another fun collaboration with Blue Moon on the horizon.


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