Skein to shawlette in 3 days: what obsession looks like

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You may recall my stick-carrot post the other day, where I spent time bribing myself with a gorgeous skein of Socks that Rock Mediumweight in the most stunning Rare Gem. It had been living an unfulfilled life in my stash, so I decided to release it and let it become something different.


Once I achieved my goals, I wound up and cast on. I had an older pattern that needed a re-look, because it was high time I released it under my pattern line. The Stanton Stairway Shawlette was originally published in the 2013 Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock Club (more info on this blog post from yesterday), and it was a proven works-great-with-highly-variegated-STR pattern.


Well. Let me tell you. This shawlette FLEW off of my needles.


Seriously, I think it was a three day project, and I spent time with my family, ran errands, and lived my life during those three days. In other words, even though I knit a LOT during that time, it’s not all I did.


It was just such a pleasant knit. Interesting, but not so intense that I couldn’t do other things like watch so.much.Defiance.


The girls helped me take photos. Well, “helped” may be overstating it.


Huh, Astrid?

Anyway, I sure can’t guarantee it will only take you three days, but I can guarantee that Stanton Stairway is a fun pattern to work, and will help you dive right into your own personal knit-obsession.


  1. Oh! Those girlie girls! Beautiful shawlette….I was just looking at my copy of that
    Pattern yesterday….might have to try it.

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