Socks & Hats on Vacay 2022

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Even though some of us are still contending with very non–summer weather (snow! hail! cold!), we are mere weeks away from our favorite time of the year: Socks & Hats on Vacay time! We have oodles of fun things planned for this summer, but one thing I’m doing differently is I’m not releasing a new pattern collection. Designing has become something that I need a break from (when I have the space and energy, I’ll write more about that), but I needed to take this year off from designing. It’s opened me up to so much more non-knitting creativity, and I am loving that!

We love making and wearing socks!

BUT! I digress (of course, it’s what I do best). We are here to talk about making some fun socks and hats this summer, aren’t we? And, we are here to talk about getting a bit of a deal on patterns to make those socks and hats, aren’t we? YES WE ARE!

two-color socks flat lay on table
Dreamboat Socks, some of my very faves!

Instead of debuting a sock collection, I’m going to put every single pattern I have on a huge sale for you! Use coupon code VACAY22 to get 50% off of all of my self-published patterns AND collections! That’s a hellofa deal, friends!

Hats are totally vacay-appropriate knits, too! (This is the Keep Slipping hat/mitt combo)

Check out my sock patterns here and my hat patterns here, and hell, all of my patterns here. Use the code on either Payhip OR Ravelry, as many times as you wish, through May 10th. Then, after May 10th and through the whole Socks on Vacay time period (until Labor Day, Monday, September 5th), use KEEPITUP22 to get 25% off all of my patterns. Save and make, friends!

A quick overview of Socks & Hats on Vacay, for those who haven’t taken part in past years (the rules are simple):

  1. You must make socks between Sunday, May 1st and Monday, September 5th, 2022 (aka May 1st and Labor Day here in the US);
  2. socks must be made with Knitted Wit yarn;
  3. socks must be made using one of Shannon Squire’s sock patterns; and
  4. you must share photos on Instagram and use #socksonvacay #hatsonvacay #socksandhatsonvacay2022 #socksonstaycay #hatsonstaycay #socksandhatsonstaycay2021 AND tag us (@knittedwit and @shannonsq and @shannajeanclub).

We’re also doing a super fun Vacay Bingo this year! Check out the Knitted Wit website to snag yours (or head to one of our LYS partners to grab one) and start playing on May 1st!

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