Socks (and Hats) on Vacay/Staycay 2021

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As I sit at my dining room table, looking outside at the lovely spring day, I am struck at how strange it is that we have been knee-deep in a global pandemic for over a year. This will be our second pandemic Summertime Sock Knitting Extravaganza, and we are ready for it!

Every summer, from May through August, Knitted Wit and I host a fun summer KAL. It’s chill and silly and all focused on the kind of knitting that we most love to do when the temperatures rise. We call it Socks on Vacay (and last year, due to the pandemic, we added a Socks on STAYCAY component). This year, we are further expanding the reach of this KAL by adding a Hats on Vacay/Staycay component. So, make all of the socks. Make all of the hats. Use all of the Knitted Wit yarn. Explore all of the National Parks. We’ll be there with you!

For all of May, all of my sock and hat patterns (including anything that gets released in the month) are 25% off in my Payhip and Ravelry store! Use coupon code sockshatsvacay21 to get your discount! This includes all of the previously-released Socks for Busy B’s collections!

And, Socks for Busy Bs 6 is OUT! Use coupon code SFBB6-WK1 to get 50% off through 5/10!!!

The patterns are oodles of fun! I’ll share more info in a separate blog post, but here are photos/links to them all:

Good as Hell

Summertime Rolls

Saturday in the Park

Here’s the cover image for last year’s collection just because:

Sometime in mid-to-late May, I’ll be releasing a new, multi-gauge hat pattern, too. In the meantime, here are links to all of my sock patterns and hat patterns.

A quick overview of Socks & Hats on Vacay/Staycay, for those who haven’t taken part in past years (the rules are simple):

  1. You must make socks between Saturday, May 1st and Monday, September 6th, 2021 (aka May 1st and Labor Day here in the US);
  2. socks must be made with Knitted Wit yarn;
  3. socks must be made using one of Shannon Squire’s sock patterns; and
  4. you must share photos on Instagram and use #socksonvacay #hatsonvacay #socksandhatsonvacay2021 #socksonstaycay #hatsonstaycay #socksandhatsonstaycay2021 AND tag us (@knittedwit and @shannonsq).

Prizes include download codes and sock yarn, and because we’re us, we aren’t entirely sure what kinds of things we’ll be looking for during the KAL. To give you an idea, for the last couple of years, we gave prizes for:

  • Most Exotic Photo
  • Most Finished Socks
  • Coolest Place to Knit

Among other things. Just knit socks and hats, and have fun doing it, and you’ll be entered to win!

National Parks yarn-wise, the first 4 parks will be released to our LYS partners on May 1st, and then 4 more parks on the first of every month through August. National Parks yarn will ONLY be available through our LYS partners, so you can contact one of them to order. Added bonus: when you purchase through an LYS, you are eligible for the LYS-only incentives (an awesome patch if you purchase 4 skeins from a shop over the summer, and the same design in an enamel pin if you purchase 16 skeins over the summer).


  1. Thanks for the generous discount code, Shannon. Left a message on your blog update for today too. So all is well and the patterns are now stored in my Ravelry library. Take good care.

    RAV ID: SourdoughJettaM

  2. Hi, Shannon,

    I just tried on Ravelry to use the code sockshatsvacay21 for the Socks on Busy B’s 6 collection. The code did not work. The price was still the full price of $15. Please fix if you intend a discount for the collection. Thank you so much. I love your patterns and am looking forward to knitting the latest ones. By the way, what color is the Knitted Wit blue sock you showed on Instagram a few days ago? Thanks so much for all your work.

    RAV ID: SourdoughJettaM

    1. Author

      Thanks, my friend! I was in the middle of getting everything set up, BUT I just updated and know that, through 5/10, you can use code SFBB6-WK1 for 50% off as an intro price! That works on both Payhip and Ravelry.

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