A sock in progress: two colors, started at the toe

Socks in progress

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Ok, so I decided to share the actual socks I have in actual progress, too, in the hopes that it will inspire (guilt?) me into getting them worked on…

Slip-n-Slide in Carbon & Kenai Fjords. First sock.
Let it Slip in Badlands, Raspberry Milkshake, and Lavender Menace. First sock.
Let it Slip in Carnelian and Hot Springs National Park. First sock.
Let it Slip in Prussian Blue & Lake Clark. First sock.
Slip Away in various blues & Wind Cave. Second sock.

My take-away message from this? I need to get more first socks DONE so I am over that hump. I also need to cast on an entire baskets-worth of Parks socks so I can achieve the goal I set for myself to have at least one sock in each National Parks colors finished by the end of the summer. Do you think that’s a reasonable goal to hold on to? I’m feeling less and less sure, actually…

My basket of socks-to-be…

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