Socks, socks and more socks

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I’ve been revisiting socks of old on Instagram lately by posting a handknit sock a day, and it’s gotten me thinking.


I seem to have a very strong nostalgia gene. It may be hereditary – my mother has been known to tear up at the slightest provocation, nostalgia-wise.


As I’ve been photographing and thinking about all of these handknit socks I have made over the years (and some that have been made for me by that same nostalgic momma), I can picture where I was, what I was doing, sometimes even how I felt as I was knitting on these socks.


It’s kind of amazing. And wonderful.


It’s also hella-inspiring. I’m feeling like it’s time to do more sock designing.


This is a start. Something in the pipe-line.


  1. Very unique outlook on socks and memories. I think my trail to memories is probably through recipes, quirky thing people have said about food and drink and hand me down cooking utensils. Call me crazy, I guess food is very important to me and cooking for and with others is wonderful!

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