Socks, socks, socks, and oh yeah, more socks.

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We just celebrated Memorial Day weekend here in the the states, which, for a lot of people, means the unofficial first days of summer. For Lorajean and me and aaaaallll of our knitterly sockerly friends, it also means the first day of the Summertime Sock Knitting Extravaganza, aka Socks on Vacay!

I’m obsessed with socks, as everyone who knows anything about me knows. I always have oodles on the needles, and, for the last long while, they are almost exclusively Knitted Wit‘s Victory Sock or DK. There are a few reasons for that, but these two are the most important: it’s damned good sock yarn, and her colors are the absolute best.

I wanted to share a few of my older sock patterns that haven’t gotten as much traction as others, in the hopes that folks may rediscover them during Socks on Vacay this year.

First up, Otherwise Engaged. I released this pattern as a part of 2017’s Socks for Busy B’s 2, and I made a bunch of them. It’s the perfect textural pattern that requires very little thought, and looks fantastic in speckled yarns. I’ve made 7 pairs, 4 of which have been in Knitted Wit’s yarn…

Storyteller Otherwise Engaged Socks

Otherwise Engaged socks in Knitted Wit Victory Sock

Monet’s Garden Otherwise Engaged Socks

Unicorn Eggs Otherwise Engaged Socks

Folding Chair Otherwise Engaged Socks

And… now I want to cast on a pair for Socks on Vacay 2018. Good thing I have a decent amount of Victory Sock in my stash 😉

Another sock pattern that I am totally going to revisit this summer is from year one of Socks for Busy B’s: Short Attention Span. I made five pairs of these, but only one in Knitted Wit! Gotta get that number up, party people!

We Can Jam That Short Attention Spans

Short Attention Span was a part of the first Socks for Busy B’s, along with Smithy and Stolen Moments. It’s got an upside-down triangle, flying-geese-esque situation going on on the front of the sock, and, once you’re past the heel, some ribbing along the back. Finished with a reverse-stockinette cuff, they’re the perfect little things to wear, as I do, with my favorite floods.

All three of the Socks for Busy B’s collections are available for purchase; both Socks for Busy B’s and Socks for Busy B’s 2 are $15, and each pattern is offered in both toe-up and cuff-down option, with many sizes and variations. Socks for Busy B’s 3 is just $10 (an intro offer) because there’s only one pattern in it so far! As more patterns get added, the price will go up, and it will end up at $15, like the other sets.


  1. What does it mean:”can they be laminated”? I’m so curious and I can’t figure it out.

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      Haha! The person who commented about lamination had just trained me on the laminator at my kiddo’s school! 😉

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