Strix Varia

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I’m super duper happy to be sharing that I have a pattern in Quince & Co’s Scarves, Etc. 4 Collection, Strix Varia.


It’s the fourth year they’re publishing a collection of things to wear around your neck, and this year, it’s being printed.


That means I’m going to be published, in a book, for the first time ever!


When they first sent out the call for submissions, I knew I wanted do do something in Owl. There’s just something about that yarn. It’s soft, but rustic. Warm but light. Fluffy yet sturdy.


The pattern is both quick and easy, which makes for the perfect way to spend your knitting time.


And, it’s a great way to play with color. Mix and match and create your own version of Strix Varia.


All photos except the final two are © Quince & Co.


  1. How beautiful! Congratulations on your first published (in a book) pattern!

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