Stumptown Socks have got me all…

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I’m currently obsessed with my Stumptown Sock pattern, and I think I might even eclipse my previous most-knit socks: Monkey Socks (ten pairs made way back in the day); Sundae Socks (16 pairs and counting, so actually, I probably will NOT make more Stumptowns than Sundaes); and Otherwise Engaged (7 pairs finished). Right now, I’m finished with 6 pairs of Stumptown Socks (4 pairs finished this summer), and have another 3 pairs in progress. They’ve become my go-to Summertime Sock Knitting Extravaganza socks, because they play oh, so well with Knitted Wit‘s amazing colors in her equally amazing Victory Sock.

Some people never make the same pattern twice. I’m finding, more and more, that I KEEP making the same pattern over and over. Sure, it’s almost always my patterns, and part of that is so that I can hopefully inspire other folks to make my patterns (either once or many times), but it’s also that I truly enjoy knitting the things I create. I am my own ideal customer. Heehee.

At any rate, I’m going to keep on making Stumptown Socks, as long as Lorajean keeps on creating amazeballs colorways and sharing them with me. I’ve got a skein of Acadia all wound up and ready, and am drooling over her other Unicorn colors and National Park colors, and of course, there’s the rest of the Herstory Sock Club colorways, and all of the Colorways for a Cause I have yet to knit… Even for a fast knitter, I find myself often wishing for more knitterly hours in the day.

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