Summer Road Trip, part 1

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We had a big trip at the end of June – we drove from Portland, to Coos Bay, to Sacramento, to Los Angeles, to San Diego, visiting loved ones along the way, and then we drove the whole.way.home in three long hot days. It was a great trip – the girls played with so many kids, we reconnected with so many old friends, and we spent fabulous time with so much family. I took oodles of photos, and want to share some here, but didn’t want to completely overwhelm my four and a half readers, so I’ll do a post a day, starting today, and finishing up on Wednesday. Mostly photos.


At the beach in Coos Bay with Aunt Paula. Cool but refreshing, particularly considering our next stop was…


A hotel in Redding, California, where it was very very toasty. We had a fancy Father’s Day dinner at Applebees and saw a cool old yellow car.


I finished a sock on that long drive between Coos Bay and Sacramento. Knitted Wit Victory Sock in Autumn Rainbow.


Rest Area phone calls and running around.


Another sock by the pool in Sacramento. Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in Pitter Pat.


Heading toward the Grapevine, and starting a hat in Malabrigo Rios for a (secret/special/exciting) project coming up this month.


A very earnest explanation of why they charge $.25 to get into the potty.


And…amazing Pyrex in the wild at our fabulous AirBnB house in LA! This piece, with the blessing of the homeowner, came home with me.


  1. Love the pics and you comments. Looking forward to the next pic post.

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