The joy of the raglan

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Here’s the thing about knitting a top-down raglan sweater: just when you think you’re going to lose your ever-loving mind from all the stitches, you get to get rid of a bunch by putting those suckers (i.e., sleeve stitches) on waste yarn, and motoring through on many fewer stitches.


I think this is a huge reason raglans are so popular – it’s a big mark of progress that you just don’t get on a bottom-up sweater with set-in sleeves.


There’s something really great about passing a landmark in knitting.


Slipping aaaaaalllll of those sleeve stitches onto waste yarn.


And then working on smaller rows.


Even though it’s really the same number of stitches as other sweater designs, it just seems faster.


Especially if you’re lucky enough to be using something truly transcendent, like Malabrigo Rios in Piedras.


Piedras means stones, and this colorway surely looks like river stones, don’t you think?

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