Throwing back

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I’m giving in to my propensity for nostalgia by wading into the Throwback Thursday game. I love alliteration (much to the chagrin of Hazel, who complains that every time I try to help her name a lovey or a character, I’m always using alliteration to do so), and I am really excited about the idea of revisiting some of my older patterns. It’s super exciting for a few reasons: not only do I get to share these older patterns with you, and remember the stories of how and why they came into being, but I also will get the patterns updated, maybe re-photographed, and polished up a wee bit. It’s pretty much win-win, and that’s before even thinking about the discount I’m offering. For each pattern I revisit and explore in this throwing back, I’m also going to offer a coupon code for $2 off for the week. So fun, huh?


Let me know if there are any patterns in particular you’d like to hear more about; I’ve got the first couple all lined up and ready to go, but will be spending some time deep in my catalog over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be sharing them here, every Thursday morning, and on Instagram, so be sure to follow me here and there to get your pattern discount and knitterly inspiration!

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