Too hot to knit? NEVER!

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It’s hot here in PDX. Like, really, really hot. Like, yucky, uncomfortably hot. Like, over 100 degrees hot. So what does one knit when it’s too hot to knit? How about a shawlette? I’ve got a few one-skein, fingering-weight shawlette patterns that are mindless enough to knit when your brains are melting, but perfect for Fall wearing or holiday gift-giving.

Ananke cover

Ananke, above, works splendidly with variegated yarns.


Alma Lou is fuss-free, perfect for women AND men.


Crinkled Corrugation is chock-full of texture. And ruffles.


The Mossy Bark Shawlette is lacy AND lovely, perfect for that one special skein you’ve been dreaming about using.


And, Vernonia. Oh, Vernonia. I love you so. I’m heading out the Scappoose-Vernonia Highway today, as a matter of fact, to help get ready for Blue Moon’s big barn sale (which is tomorrow). I bet you could find lots of yarns for these patterns at the sale. Because, it might just be time to think about holiday knitting, folks.

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