Uni-horn-y obsession

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Since publishing my Uni-horn Magic shawl, I’ve made 2 1/2 more of these puppies, and my absolute favorite shawl is my third one. I’ve discussed my propensity to make a pattern over and over and over before on the blog (Stumptown Socks and the Spell Shawl come immediately to mind), and it seems that Uni-horn Magic is destined to be an obsession.

First there was the original, in all of the magical Unicorn colors from Knitted Wit plus two 50-gram skeins of Victory Sock. I used Liberally Bleeding Heart and Sterling Silver for mine.

Original Uni-horn Magic shawl

Then there was the moody two-color Uni-horn Magic, using Unicorn Night Mares in Pixie Plied and Buckle My Shoes in Sock.

Moody Uni-horn Magic Shawl

My passion for this pattern still unsated, I grabbed all of the leftovers from all of the projects I’ve made in Storyteller in Victory Sock, got my Plucky Knitter bin down from my yarn-wall, and made the perfect match: Good Ole Days, a super-dirty green that seems made for Storyteller. I barely remember making that one, it was so fast and fun and satisfying.

Storyteller Uni-horn Magic

My next Uni-horn Magic, the one that’s currently in-progress, and which I haven’t shared anywhere yet, was a total whim. I had a must-design queue a mile long, a to-do list equally as long, and all of the house and family stuff that the month leading up to two weeks off of school and a huge holiday entails, PLUS we were going on a family trip to my folks for Thanksgiving AND my Hawaii trip, but the yarn was wound and I didn’t want to think, so… The Woolen Boon Uni-horn Magic shawl was born. I had gotten these two skeins, in Platypus Prime and Buffy. The color difference, once knitted, is subtle, yet absolutely delightful.

Buffy the Platypus Uni-horn Magic


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