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I know that the American history we’ve been taught in schools is so disgustingly white-washed that many of us don’t even know or realize just how many horrible things this country has done, particularly to people of color. And I know that this current crisis is absolutely in line with the true American history. Othering people of color so that the powers that be and their supporters can treat them as not-human is as American as the confederate flag or apple pie.

So this separation of families situation isn’t as outside of the norm as it really should be, but it is awful and terrible and just the absolute worst thing. I’ve been sending emails and making calls, and have donated to RAICES. I’ll be donating 50% of proceeds of all retail sales for the rest of the month to either RAICES or ACLU or another organization that’s doing the work to help reunite these families. You can help by purchasing patterns, or just by doing something. Donate. Call. Email. March. Talk. And hug your loved ones.


  1. I, too, have stepped up my donations to ACLU and other like-minded organizations. I’ve also begun/increased my giving to journalistic enterprises (WaPo, the Guardian, WNYC, etc, etc) because we won’t know about all the shitty things this badministration is doing without them. I am so torn between shame and fury over the things they have done. I just pray that they will ALL be impeached / indicted / sentenced ASAP.

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