Craftivism is good

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Here’s the story…

Late in the fall, after the election was over, I struggled with how best to honor my beliefs within my very own micro-business. I decided to raise some money for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood with the sale of the Wine Country Shawlette. It was well-received. I lost some followers because of it, sure, but I also was able to raise a couple hundred dollars for those very important causes (and am still donating 100% of proceeds from the sale of that pattern to those two organizations). But, with the terrifying changes this new administration is already implementing, the time for a coy approach to activism, at least for me, is over.

Wine Country Shawlette

It’s scary, to be a small business owner and make a stand on a controversial subject. When every single sale matters, so much, to my family’s bottom line, the “smart” thing would likely be to shut my mouth and just sell some patterns. But those of you who know me know that this mouth, it doesn’t stay shut. And what’s happening in the world is too scary, and standing up for what’s right is too important, so I’m willing to lose some potential customers in order to do what I feel I need to do.

I’m still designing like crazy, collaborating with dyers who share so many important things with me, and knitting up a storm. But I’m also working at putting my time and my money where my mouth is, sending postcards, marching with my little ladies, and continuing to donate money to causes that are important to those who feel that the direction the administration wants to go is not the direction that honors who we are as humans and Americans.


I designed Flotus last year, when it seemed like there was no way Hillary Clinton WOULDN’T be in the White House at this point in time. Knitted Wit honored four strong, amazing First Ladies, and folks created some truly remarkable shawls, sometimes honoring a favorite Flotus of theirs, sometimes just making the shawl because it’s a fun pattern and a great excuse to play with minis.


I will continue to honor those Floti that we so admire, by donating $2 of every sale from this point forward to Planned Parenthood. So many women rely on PP for their health care needs, and the administration is threatening to defund it. I myself used Planned Parenthood throughout my twenties, as I was living a life in which medical insurance was not a reality. I’m sure a lot of us have, and we all realize what an important part of healthcare the organization is.


Even setting aside the fact that sales of the pattern are going to a very important cause, Flotus is a really fun pattern to make. Use the aforementioned minis, or mix two skeins of fingering weight yarn. And, by purchasing the pattern, you’re helping a sister out. Literally.

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