Leaving on a jet plane…

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If there’s a bit of radio silence coming from my little corner of the universe, just know that all is well, I’m just drinking margaritas and laying on a beach, while knitting some stitches on some socks in a bikini. Yeah, baby, I’ll be on vacation!

It’s a bit early for Socks on Vacay, but I will be photographing my newest Socks for Busy B’s 3 collection while in Mexico. That is, if I can get the second sock from the third pair made by then. A long plane ride (today) will hopefully get me there.

What kind of projects do you take on vacations? Particularly more tropical vacations? I’m taking a few extra skeins of sock yarn (because, you never know), and my Farmer’s Market Shawl. That’s it. We’ll see how much I get done.

And I’ll see YOU on the other side! In the meantime, get ready for the Summertime Sock Knitting Extravaganza! I’m hoping to make 6 pairs of socks this summer (honestly, I’m hoping to make 10, but 6 is my goal).

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