Saddles, and getting back into them

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Today was a day for re-saddling myself. In my life. In my doing. After taking Astrid to preschool orientation, hitting the grocery store with Hazel, picking Astrid UP from preschool orientation (it’s only 2 hours this week), AND hitting Trader Joe’s with both girls, I decided to do.some.stuff today. What was on the docket? Red beans. Yellow Tomato Honey-sweetened Jam (although I used a lot less honey – last year, mine was super honey-flavored). Oven-roasted tomatoes.





And then, of course, there was a bit of crazy-child-insanity, which followed the most painful 2 hours of me imploring them to clean up the playroom and them not cleaning up the playroom. They finally cleaned up the playroom, and sure did celebrate.


CrayHazelA big to-do for this Fall will be to learn to take better photos. Obviously a skill I need.


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