Socks on Vacay/Staycay 2020 check in

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Well, this summer is sure a different beast than the one we thought we’d be having when we started planning for our Summertime Sock Knitting Extravaganza this year. So much has happened, and the world is such a fundamentally different place than it was this Spring, and everything is different. I for one have not done the amount of sock knitting I thought I’d do, so my Socks on Vacay/Staycay is kind of lean.

My goal when starting this was to knit at least one sock in each of Knitted Wit’s 2020 National Parks colorways. Let’s see where we are on that, why don’t we?

Let it Slip in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

These first ones don’t even actually count toward my total, because they were finished before the official start of the KAL, but I love them so much, I had to include this image.

Let it Slip in Great Basin National Park

Only one of these socks actually counts, as I either started or finished the first one before cast-on day (I literally cannot remember life back then, so I’ll just say this is Sock #1 for the KAL).

Let it Slip in Vroom Vroom (HerStory colorway)

These are for Stefan, and they are Socks #2&3 for the KAL.

Short Attention Span in Dryad

These are actually just Sock #4 for the KAL, as the first one was definitely started and maybe even finished prior to the cast-on date.

Slip Away in Wind Cave and various blues for toes, heels, and cuffs.

Sock #5 is the first of this pair, and I am loving the pinky browns with bright blues. I might have to buckle down (this is funny, because the toe & heel on the first sock are in Buckle My Shoes, heehee) and get the second of these socks done.

And… that’s it for finished socks. I have oodles more on the needles, but that’s all I’ve finished this summer so far. I’m seriously considering spending the rest of today just casting on socks until I’ve used up all of my needles, because then I can grab an already-started one and just knit-knit-knit until it’s done.

How about you? Have you gotten more socks done than 5? How is your summer of staycationing going?

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