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This is part of a weekly series of trips down knittery lane (a lame take on memory lane), in which I go on (and on) about inspiration for an older pattern. The patterns discussed will be offered for $2 off for the week, until the next TBT post. Use coupon code tbtshannonsq-cri on Ravelry to get your $2 off of Crimson & Clover this week…


Yeah, I’m not such a sweet thing
I wanna do everything
What a beautiful feelin’
Crimson and clover, over and over

Crimson (garter version), waaaay close up

When I first started playing around with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Worthy yarn, waaaay back in 2013, I knew I wanted as much of it to be hugging my neck as knitterly possible. It’s some super special stuff, my knitters. I was playing around with creating wider shawls, and started swatching a new-to-me shape. The nubbly nature of garter stitch got my knitterly heartrate up, and when I swatched the same idea in stockinette, I found myself in a pickle: I loved them all. I was listening to a lot of Joan Jett (as I tend to do), and thought that if I worked the same shawl, in both a stockinette and a garter base, I could also pay homage to my girl Joan by naming the shawl Crimson & Clover. Plus, HUGE added bonus: every time I think about this pattern, I start singing the song to myself. (Also, I totally know that Joan Jett was not the song’s originator, but I love her version best of all).

Clover (stockinette version)

Crimson (garter version)

Fast forward four or five years, and my little ladies and I are obsessed with 80s female rock and pop music. Astrid’s favorite is, of course, Joan Jett, and, although Cherry Bomb is her #1 song, we listen to Crimson & Clover a lot, too. We also have Cindy Lauper, Pat Benetar, and the Bangles on major repeat, not to mention certain songs by Bonnie Tyler (I’ve never been able to get enough of Total Eclipse of the Heart, and I don’t think I ever will).

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And, just in case you need a bit of Joan Jett yourself today, here, for your listening and viewing pleasure, is Crimson & Clover…

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